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Quality Outcomes Framework (QOF) Recorded Dementia Diagnoses, November 2016

05:38 July 27, 2017 - 09:30 December 16, 2016
Publication date: December 16, 2016
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Quality Outcomes Framework (QOF) Recorded Dementia Diagnoses, November 2016

Key facts

Recorded dementia prevalence at 30 November 2016 is 0.774 per cent (1 person in 129).
When considered alongside monthly data collected in 2015/16, this indicates a progressive increase in recorded prevalence from March 2016 (0.759) to November 2016 (0.774).
After adjustments to remove spurious, ‘non-GP’ practices, shared practices and practices which decided not to participate in this extraction, the extract cohort available for collection was 7,448 practices.
Of the extract cohort, data for 7,269 practices were collected, representing 97.6 per cent coverage of cohort practices.


Geographical coverage:
Geographical granularity:
GP practices, dental practices, pharmacies and clinics

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