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Information requests from organisations

Certain organisations can ask us to collect or provide access to care information. We only give access to identifiable information if:

  • the information will be used to promote healthcare or support the delivery of care services in England
  • the organisation requesting the information will look after it according to the law and good practice for Information Governance (IG)

In addition to health and care purposes, where requested and where appropriate, NHS Digital may provide administrative non-clinical information to organisations with statutory responsibilities for specific public services. This is undertaken only where there is an applicable legal basis.

These tracing services are categorised under the following four headings:

  • NHS Data Management
  • Health & Care Management
  • Death Registration service
  • Record tracing

There is an additional Letter Forwarding tracing service which NHS Digital provides under its statutory obligation to protect the welfare of an individual. No information about live individuals is provided by this function.

You can access further information regarding these services.

Organisations wanting to request us to collect information should contact us on 0300 456 3531 or by email. By law we can only collect information if the requesting organisation meets certain requirements as assessed by assurance bodies.

Organisations wanting us to provide access to information should contact our Data access request service.

To see what information we've given access to since April 2013 see our Registers of approved data releases. For details about general practice care information collection see GP collections.

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