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Assuring information

We've put measures in place to assure that HSCIC, our clients and suppliers all look after information well and in line with good practice and the law. These follow the rules and practices known as Information Governance (IG).

The information assurance measures we've put in place include:

  • following good IG practice and the law when it comes to collecting, handling and giving access to information
  • using secure equipment and only allowing certain people access following strict rules
  • putting processes in place to ensure good IG practices for both the information we collect and the IT systems we run

Guidance for other health and social care organisations on looking after care information well is available from the Care information guidance section and our publication Guide to confidentiality in health and social care and references document.

Assurance for information collections

Since July 2015 all requests we receive from organisations for identifiable information are looked at carefully by specialist bodies:

SCCI is run by the National Information Board (NIB) IGARD is an HSCIC body with independent members.

Requests can be rejected if:

  • the information will be used for anything other than promoting healthcare or supporting the delivery of care services
  • the requesting organisation can't demonstrate it will look after information to required IG standards

We make sure suppliers we work with on information collections maintain good IG standards by conforming to rules set out in our General practice system suppliers deed of undertaking. We also carry out data sharing audits to make sure organisations we collect or give access to information to are looking after it well.

Assurance for IT systems

We assure organisations using our IT systems follow good practice and the law when it comes to looking after information.

Organisations using our IT systems must:

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